Voodoo is a surprising platform that your smartphone allows you to use to interact with any advertizing screen of the city.

What is Voodoo? “

Voodoo is a complete interactive platform that lets you interact with content present in the screens of the city. The app of Voodoo, allows you to convert your smartphone into a control or joystick, allowing many people to simultaneously and in real time, to be connected to a single display, interact all the time and can live a brand experience fascinating.

Voodoo could be found in cinemas, restaurants, shopping centers, Airports, stadiums and many more places. Any place with a screen for advertising purposes or communication, can become an experience Voodoo, allowing users to connect to these to interact and receive at the same app awards, coupons and discounts of products or brands.


This is how our Voodoo ecosystem is built.

voodooplayDescription: The VoodooPlay application will allow you to use your smartphone to interact with experiences or video games that run on Voodoo screens in the city. Our free application is the same for all the experiences you can find.

voodooexperienceVoodoo experiences are video games or similar experiences such as interactive marketing surveys, city debris, TV shows with massive interactivity, interactive competitions. These experiences are developed by us or by independent developers who use our free API to create experiences controlled by smartphones that have the VoodooPlay application installed.

voodoocampaignsA Voodoo campaign is a very effective and innovative marketing strategy. People are rewarded with coupons just for participating in Voodoo experiences. With this feature you can manage your campaigns, link them to Voodoo experiences, fix the amount of coupons to deliver and redeem at the points of sale.