Business Communication easy, quick and effective, with sales of $3,500 million this year

//Business Communication easy, quick and effective, with sales of $3,500 million this year
  • Entrepreneurship of young countries with great projection abroad
  • Your business is to facilitate business communication to large companies
  • Develops applications for LG Korea and Samsung


Medellin, Apr 22 (Colombia-Inn) – Tekus, a successful venture of young countries moving in two areas of work: business communication through digital screens and electronic tagging for retail, with sales planned this year for 3,500 Millions of pesos, confirms the aphorism that “no one is a prophet in his land.”

Created in February 2013 by Leonardo Arango, Jaime Marín and Diego Pino, and after several attempts to make a company, Tekus is a venture that has since not stopped growing and therefore its financial perspectives are large scale, as stated by the first of them and n dialogue with Colombia-Inn.

“The projections are to sell this year 3.5 billion pesos and in the 2020 about 16 billion. We have had growths, year by year, of more than one hundred percent. In 2013 we sold 20 million and one year later 40 million; In 2015 we reached 300 million and last year we had a little more than 900 million, “says Arango, electronic engineer at the University of Antioquia and CEO of Tekus.

However, as you notice at the beginning of this note. Tekus is not a prophet in Colombia, since 99% of its businesses are headed abroad, to countries like the United States and Mexico.

Arkbox, the star product

And while in the subject of digital communication through screens, have some competition in the country, Tekus is given the luxury of being part of the small group of companies that develop programs for multinational such as LG and Samsung.

“We have contract with LG Korea. We are one of the four companies that develops directly for them. And now we will sign with Samsung, because we were super-recommended and from there we called, to work on the theme of display solutions, “notes Arango.

The reasons for this are powerful. “We don’t just do screens, no. Our business is business communication. It is to facilitate to the companies the communication with their employees, from one to 1,500, if it is the case, in an easy, fast and effective way, and with control, says Arango.

And for this, explains, Tekus has developed its star product: Arkbox, which enables businesses to communicate centrally with all its employees.

“We give a channel of communication to each of the companies, and our business model is different from there, we provide a platform to each of our clients so that they manage their own information, that do not depend on a third party to generate or report, “says the entrepreneur, arguing another reason for Tekus to be located at the forefront of such companies.

According to the CEO of the company, each of its customers manages the content independently, managing as you wish. It is a platform developed from scratch for each client, with which you can manage the information through cell phones, tablets, screens.

“Then we ended up creating a 360 platform. I can send you a message not only to one but to 10,000 cellphones. But what we do is send communication graphically, is not a message because that would be a chat, and you do not know if they read it, who read it or how it came, while with Arkbox the client can see, from his computer, the whole track of traceability , something that does not offer other similar systems, “Arango says.

Advantages that allow Tekus to manage contracts like the one they develop with an American company, worth four million dollars. It is a company that, like most of those who are interested in the program, have many employees or handle extensive issues in terms of sales.

A road with many ‘thorns’

Getting to where they are has not been easy. In their beginnings they were the object of ‘ lying down ‘ (deceptions) or ‘ kicked off ‘ for months to finally leave ‘ with the curly facts ‘, as when they worked for more than a year in a development that would give rise to business for 1.2 billion dollars. One day, when they went to find those who had hired them, the company was not left but the local.

But they have also had successes in other developments, as the case of which route?, an application for the inhabitants of Medellín could move in public transport, knowing the routes and companies, which was ‘ on the air ‘ until last year and stopped Manage it by concentrating on other projects, but that strange people.

With Arkbox, Tekus complied with clients such as Internexa, a subsidiary of ISA at the Latin American level; Grupo Orbs (Pintuco), Flamingo, Burger King, Grupo Sala, which is part of several public service companies in different regions of the country, and the country Club of Medellín, among others.

Currently they also have a client in Mexico (a laboratory with presence in the whole country) with 150 screens installed and with a potential of growth to 500.

Electronic labeling, the English solution that replaces the paper

On the other hand, Tekus has the representation of an English company that works the subject of electronic labels for products (Displaydata). They replace the paper labels used in the warehouses and large areas, so that the information (prices, especially), can always be changed in an automated and not manual, as is currently done, at least in Colombia.

That is, if you change the price of chocolate, to say something, from a checkpoint make the change electronically and automatically, that is reflected in the points of sale across the country at the counters where the product is.

Tekus has travelled an important path as an innovative company and has therefore been honored with awards such as: Entrepreneurship of the Year in 2015 by Fenalco Antioquia; Best product developer en route N and Venture finalist in big business.

Tekus, a company made by responsible people

He has also just won the Award in growth and consolidation, and were chosen by mintic in the call for growth and strengthening of companies, which means a further step in the development of the company.

“It is no longer about the product working, but how to turn that product into something better”, he concludes, Jaime Marín, director of technological development at Tekus, which is headquartered in Medellín, where 10 people work, with one more that it does from Germany.

All under one philosophy: ‘ Human to human ‘, because for its executives the success of the company is, in short, the style of work they have adopted, where the first is the human being, a capable and responsible human being, because for all it is clear that Tekus is made By people who can make decisions within their role, without having to go through filters or ranges.

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