Tekus on the night of the best 2015 of Fenalco

//Tekus on the night of the best 2015 of Fenalco

This new category rewards the initiatives of a group of young entrepreneurs who stand out for their creativity and innovation with business ideas that benefit the trade sector and contribute to the social and economic development of the country.

Tekus is a company created in Medellín on February 6, 2013, by young entrepreneurs graduated in electronic engineering from the University of Antioquia. It is dedicated to the development of technological tools to automate the communication of its clients, Through digital signage solutions and electronic labeling of products, eliminating manual processes and extensive use of paper, which generates a decrease in time and cost of communicative processes.

The company is the only ally in Colombia of the English company SoluM, world leader in the development of hardware for electronic labelling, service with which Tekus contributes significantly to the retail in the country, optimizing its processes of labelling the Products.

Its human talent is formed by 12 collaborators among engineers, technicians, technologists and design professionals, who work under a parameter beyond the transactional model, which allows them to create interpersonal relationships of value and offer more than Technological products, a quality service based on respect, good communication and synergy.

They have been winners of the call “development of innovative products” route N. It was selected by Innpulsa Colombia as one of the 10 companies to be part of the “Selection Colombia of entrepreneurship” that participated in the Bootcamp Masschallenge 2014 in Boston, United States. They were also winners of the Metis project of the Ministry of ICT – Parquesoft Colombia in 2014.


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