Digital signage automates the processes of external or internal digital communication of companies, managing in an agile, simple and real-time multimedia content.

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ESL (Electronic Shelf Label) It is a technology that uses electronic ink and that allows retailers to display relevant information about their products, such as price, description, PUM, PLU, among others, digitally on the gondolas, and change the content displayed remotely and in real time .

We are the official partner for Colombia of SOLUM, a leading global company in electronic labelling solutions for fully graphic products.

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Tekus Life

Case of Success: Cooperativa Consumo

Building the new generation of Retail, ELS + Arkbox Digital Signage Since the 19th of January 2015, the electronic Labelling solution for fully graphic products was implemented and our solution of digital billboards Arkbox at the [...]

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Our team

Jaime I. Marín
Jaime I. MarínDirector Development / CTO
“Enterprising, dreamer, CodeBreaker!”
Leonardo Arango
Leonardo Arango Executive Director/CEO
“Dreamers… Creators… Innovators.”
Diego Pino
Diego PinoCommercial Director
“The boss!”
Felipe Zapata
Felipe ZapataSpiritual Consultant
“In the end, only it was a question of breathing”
Sara Alomía
Sara AlomíaAssistant
Jean Samir Galindo Falco
Jean Samir Galindo FalcoDevelopment Analyst
“On the farm of my grandfather .. that already existed.”
Juan Fernando Marín
Juan Fernando Marín game developer
Julián Caicedo
Julián CaicedoExternal consultant
“Muerajem de’nvidia”
Pablo Andrés Castrillón
Pablo Andrés CastrillónTechnical support
“Que Vicente”
Carlos Urrego
Carlos UrregoSoporte Técnico
“Don’t get angry”
Julián Ramírez
Julián RamírezGraphic designer.
“right now”
Diana Castaño
Diana CastañoSales executive
“Everything will be fine”
Roger Escobar
Roger EscobarMotion Graphics
“Ask me easy questions.”
Laura de la Rosa
Laura de la RosaDevelopment Analyst
“dance, love and believe”
PoloVP Operations manager

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We are a company dedicated to the development of technological solutions of automation in internal and external communications through Arkbox-digital Signage (digital billboards), the electronic labelling solution of products SOLUM (ESL) and Voodoo, with a High component of innovation, interactivity and a lot of user experience.

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